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Armyca-Ico Military Appreciation Night - Sens Tickets Giveaway (100 level seats)

October 17, 2017, 11:19:43 by joe.blanchard
As we now have opened our new office in Ottawa, we want to start building up our awareness for Soldiers, RCMP, Vets and their families. Our first Ottawa Sens Ticket giveaway is for two 100 level tickets to the Nov 3, "Military Appreciation Night" against the Detroit Red Wings.  This draw is two tickets for "Soldiers in Uniform" and is open to anyone able to attend the game

Maintenant que nous avons ouvert notre nouveau bureau, nous voulons commencer à sensibiliser les soldats, la GRC, les Veterans, et leurs familles. Notre premier billet de Sens à Ottawa est pour deux billets de 100 places pour la «nuit d'appréciation militaire» du 3 novembre contre les Red Wings de Detroit.  Ce tirage est deux billets pour "Soldats en Uniforme" et est ouvert à toute personne capable d'aller au jeu

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xx HMC Ship deployment crew numbers - ATI request

September 20, 2017, 15:20:20 by Occam
I'm interested in finding out how many personnel (bonus points for breakdown between ship's crew and Air Det) were embarked on a particular HMC Ship deployment from the early 1990's.  Would also be good to find out how many joined/departed while in theatre.  I'm aware that names or other identifying data would be redacted on an ATI request, which is fine - I'm only interested in numbers.

I know there are various sources that might have this information; looking for advice on which might prove most fruitful on a ATI request.

- ship's log
- I've heard of a "Captain's Ship Book" (or something similar)
- Annual historical reports
- post-deployment reports

Anything I might've missed, or advice that can help narrow the scope of my ATI request?
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xx Canada in a Maritime World: Leadmark 2050

September 04, 2017, 12:05:49 by Underway
Attached is a link to which I'm not sure when it was finally released (sometime after the Lib gov't got their footing I'm sure).  I've read the previous version (pre defence strategy) and not much has changed that I could notice.

Its a good read and for those interested in what the RCN overarching strategy is going forward.  This combined with the new Defence Strategy should be taken together IMHO, there is plenty of overlap between the two.  Look to see procurement and personnel decisions being made with this document in mind.

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xx 2017 MARLANT Change of Command Parade

September 03, 2017, 08:21:13 by FSTO
Anyone on the East Coast attend the COMD MARLANT change of command? I saw pictures and to call it a dog's breakfast would be an insult to dog puke.

The Guard sitting in chairs? WTF?
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xx HMCS Goose Bay commanding officer relieved of duty over 'inappropriate comments'

July 07, 2017, 21:23:18 by Eye In The Sky
Article Link

'The incident involved inappropriate comments that were directed to a subordinate,' says military spokerson

The commanding officer of HMCS Goose Bay has been relieved of his command after an incident earlier this week involving inappropriate comments to a subordinate, according to the Canadian Forces.

Lt.-Cmdr. Robert Tucker was removed as the commanding officer of the coastal defence vessel and posted onshore on Thursday.

A spokesperson for Maritime Forces Atlantic and Joint Task Force Atlantic, Lt.-Cmdr. Jordan Holder, said the incident happened when the ship was alongside Caraquet, N.B., earlier this week.

"The incident involved inappropriate comments that were directed to a subordinate and witnessed by other subordinates and alcohol was a factor," Holder told CBC News on Friday.

'Unusual' for commanding officer to be removed

Holder said he believed the incident happened on the ship. There are about 40 crew members on board HMCS Goose Bay.

"There was concern from the chain of command that given the nature of the incident, that the trust of his subordinates may have been undermined and therefore the chain of command had lost confidence in his ability to continue command," Holder said.

He admitted it was "unusual" for a commanding officer to be removed from a ship.

Holder said the investigation into the incident is over and that Tucker's removal from command is permanent.

"There may be additional administrative actions taken," he said.
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Navyca-Ico Bilingualism in the Navy

June 24, 2017, 12:41:20 by curiousresearcher
Good afternoon everyone,
I am a PhD student and I'm undertaking a research on bilingualism in the Canadian Navy, could you please help me giving me your experiences, information, opinions?
 Anything may help, so thank you in advance!  :)
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